Angangueo, Michoacan, Mexico

Actions and Perspectives in the Monarch Region

Sierra Chincua - December 9, 2004

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After the speeches, Guadalupe Del Río Pesado, Director of ALTERNARE approached officials of the 

Environmental Attorney General’s Office (PROFEPA) to ask about the illegal logging near Zitacuaro


José Luis Luege Tamargo, Director of PROFEPA (in straw hat)

Francisco Luna Contreras, the Michoacan Delegate of PROFEPA gets grilled




After seeing Lupita in action, I introduced her to Ernesto Enkerlin (a friend from our days as students at Texas A&M)
then got the heck out of the way!!!

Dr. Ernesto Enkerlin, President of CONANP (center)
Eduardo Ramirez Alvarado, new Director of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Preserve (right)



Fortunately there were no more fireworks and we all departed peacefully

Guides from El Rosario in uniforms prepare to board a bus




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