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Shiny Flea Beetle

Asphaera lustrans (Crotch, 1873)

Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily Galerucinae, Tribe Alticini


Shining Flea Beetle - Asphaera lustrans (Crotch, 1873)

on Lantana horrida

Mission, Hidalgo County, Texas
May 19, 2007 (Jan Dauphin)

Texas County Records for Asphaera lustrans

Shining Flea Beetle - Asphaera lustrans (Crotch, 1873)

County Record Source: E.G. Riley, Dec. 2005

State Records for Asphaera lustrans

Shining Flea Beetle - Asphaera lustrans (Crotch, 1873)

State Record Source: (Riley et al, 2003)


Common from Arizona to Texas, north to Nebraska and Iowa; south to Mexico.
Introduced into Florida, has recently expanded its range into southern Georgia.

Adult Activity: Year round in South Texas

Hosts: Scutellaria - Skullcap - Mint Family Lamiaceae

S. drummondii - Central Texas
S. wrightii - North Texas

Similar Species: Two species of this large Neotropical genus occur north of Mexico. (Riley et al, 2003)

Asphaera abdominalis (Chevrolat) - restricted to AZ north of Mexico
Asphaera lustrans (Crotch)

Photos: Lateral shot, larval shot - BugGuide.Net

Etymology: Asphaera lustrans (Crotch, 1873)

lustr (L). Shining, pure, washed

Biography: George Robert Crotch (1842 - 1874) - Wikipedia


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