Medial Patch

Chlosyne eumeda (Godman & Salvin, 1894)

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Dorso, Discussion

Starr Co., TX
6 km. w. of Sullivan City
22-X-1974 - McGuire

- New State Record -

Photo courtesy of Charles Bordelon, TLS.
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Chlosyne eumeda (Godman & Salvin, 1894) - Medial Patch

Bordelon & Knudson (2002) published a photograph (Plate 5, figs. 4, 5) of the above specimen as Chlosyne marina, form eumeda based on Scott (1986), however Neck (1996), Kons (2000), Opler & Warren (2002) Brock & Kaufman (2003), and Luis et al. (2003), and  all consider eumeda, melitaeoides and marina to be separate species. 

Texas Record:

The singular Texas Chlosyne eumeda record came to light after Mike Rickard of Houston donated a portion of his butterfly collection to the Texas Lepidoptera Survey collection also of Houston. (The rest of Rickard's collection was donated to the Roy O. and Connie A. Kendall Collection of Lepidoptera housed at the Texas A&M University Insect Collection.) It was a papered specimen that was only correctly identified when Ed Knudson spread it. 

Both Mike Rickard and Bill McGuire actively collect butterflies in the Rio Grande Valley in the early 1970's (McGuire & Rickard 1974, Kendall & McGuire 1984). They submitted a "most remarkable report" for the 1973 Lepidopterists' Society Season Summary that included an phenomenal 14 New U.S. Records plus one New State Record (Freeman 1974). Kendall & McGuire (1984) detail the dates and locations of each of the nearly two dozen specimens of Chlosyne melitaeoides that McGuire collected in Starr Co. October of 1973, 1974. The C. eumeda specimen was among the C. melitaeoides specimens that McGuire collected. Apparently it was assumed to be a variant of C. melitaeoides

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