Texas Miridae based on BugGuide records

a rather quick-and-dirty assemblage of some of the better Texas BugGuide mirid images

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various brownish spp.

Tropidosteptes quercicola (Johnston) - Tropidosteptes quercicola  Parthenicus(?) sp. - Parthenicus Phytocoris sp. - Phytocoris Mirid with pale triangles in scutellum - Plagiognathus maculipennis Mirid - Neolygus Mirid - Parthenicus juniperi - female Another tiny Mirid of some kind - Parthenicus wheeleri Eustictus

with red - orange - yellow

orange mirid - Calocoris texanus Ceratocapsus Calocoris barberi Henry and Wheeler - Calocoris barberi  Halticotoma valida Townsend - Halticotoma valida Mexicomiris texanus Carvalho - Mexicomiris texanus Mexicomiris texanus Carvalho - Mexicomiris texanus Mexicomiris texanus Carvalho - Mexicomiris texanus Tropidosteptes cardinalis Uhler - Tropidosteptes cardinalis Lopidea major Knight - Lopidea major Oncerometopus nigriclavus Reuter - Oncerometopus nigriclavus Prepops - Platytylus - female Lopidea Taedia Taedia  Pseudoxenetus regalis (Uhler) - Pseudoxenetus regalis Mirid - Atractotomus rubidus Atractotomus miniatus (Knight) - Atractotomus miniatus Plant Bug - Poecilocapsus lineatus  Phytocoris Stenodema Sp.? - Trigonotylus pulcher Unknown Miridae - Semium hirtum Phytocoris Plagiognathus grandis Reuter - Plagiognathus grandis Calocoris barberi - male Mirid w/ lots of orange and a dark 'v'-shaped mark - Ceratocapsus Eustictus Ceratocapsus apicalis? - Ceratocapsus apicalis sort of an ant-mimic - Pilophoropsidea camela Prepops Prepops Prepops rubrovittatus (Stål) - Prepops rubrovittatus Prepops

with green

 Taylorilygus apicalis (Fieber) - Taylorilygus apicalis Plagiognathus blatchleyi Reuter - Plagiognathus blatchleyi Dagbertus fasciatus (Reuter) - Dagbertus fasciatus Plant Bug - Dagbertus fasciatus Small Green Plant Bug - Dagbertus fasciatus  Phytocoris vanduzeei Reuter - Phytocoris vanduzeei mirid Oncotylus guttulatus Uhler - Oncotylus guttulatus Phytocoris

mostly black

Mirid - Tropidosteptes Mirid from Fort Worth, Texas - Polymerus Slaterocoris small bug - Microtechnites bractatus Ceratocapsus fasciatus Deraeocoris sayi (Reuter) - Deraeocoris sayi specimen 2 - Deraeocoris sayi? - Deraeocoris sayi Deraeocoris aphidiphagus Knight - Deraeocoris aphidiphagus 

lichen mimics

Plant Bug - Phytocoris

with thick ant. bases

 Ranzovius clavicornis (Knight)  - Ranzovius clavicornis Mirid - Spanagonicus albofasciatus Diphleps - Diphleps unica

various pale spp.


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