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Checkered Beetles of Texas - Family Cleridae

139 species of clerids have been recorded from Texas (E.G. Riley, pers. comm. 2011)
The following thumbnails represent some 70% of the Texas total.

Speciemens primarily shot at the TAMUIC and the UTIC

Thaneroclerinae - TillinaeHydnocerinae - ClerinaeEpiphloeinae

Enopliinae - Neorthopleurinae - Peloniinae -Tarsosteninae - Korynetinae

Subfamily Thaneroclerinae

Ababa tantilla (LeConte)  - Ababa tantilla

Subfamily Tillinae

Lecontella brunnea (Spinola) - Lecontella brunnea all brown clerid - Lecontella gnara - male Callotillus elegans elegans (Erichson)  - Callotillus elegans Cymatoderella collaris (Spinola) - Cymatoderella collaris Cymatodera sirpata Horn - Cymatodera sirpata Cymatodera balteata LeConte    - Cymatodera balteata=Cymatodera balteata LeConte    - Cymatodera balteata Cymatodera fuscula LeConte - Cymatodera fuscula Cymatodera undulata (Say) - Cymatodera undulata 912W01 - Cymatodera wolcotti Cymatodera aegra-complex
Cymatodera puncticollis Bland - Cymatodera puncticollis=Cymatodera puncticollis Bland - Cymatodera puncticollis Cymatodera Cymatodera dietrichi Barr - Cymatodera dietrichi Bogcia obliquefasciatus (Schaeffer) - Cymatodera obliquefasciatus Cymatodera inornata (Say) - Cymatodera inornata Beetle with a Long Neck - Cymatodera bicolor
Monophylla pallipes (Schaeffer) - Monophylla pallipes - female=Monophylla pallipes (Schaeffer) - Monophylla pallipes - male Monophylla terminata (Say) - Monophylla terminata - male

Subfamily Hydnocerinae

Isohydnocera albocincta (Horn) - Isohydnocera albocincta Isohydnocera brunnea Chapin - Isohydnocera brunnea Isohydnocera schusteri (Leconte) - Isohydnocera schusteri Isohydnocera curtipennis (Newman) - Isohydnocera curtipennis Checkered Beetle - Isohydnocera curtipennis Wolcottia pedalis (LeConte) - Wolcottia pedalis
Phyllobaenus humeralis (Say) - Phyllobaenus humeralis Phyllobaenus pubescens (LeConte) - Phyllobaenus pubescens Phyllobaenus unifasciatus (Say) - Phyllobaenus unifasciatus Phyllobaenus subfasciatus (LeConte) - Phyllobaenus subfasciatus Phyllobaenus sp. - Phyllobaenus Phyllobaenus discoideus (LeConte) - Phyllobaenus discoideus Phyllobaenus chapini Wolcott - Phyllobaenus chapini
Phyllobaenus corticinus (Gorham)  - Phyllobaenus corticinus Phyllobaenus knausii (Wickham) - Phyllobaenus knausii Phyllobaenus tricolor (Schaeffer) - Phyllobaenus tricolor Phyllobaenus sp. - Phyllobaenus pallipennis=Phyllobaenus pallipennis (Say) - Phyllobaenus pallipennis Phyllobaenus verticalis (Say) - Phyllobaenus verticalis=Phyllobaenus verticalis (Say) - Phyllobaenus verticalis

Subfamily Clerinae

Perilypus ornaticollis (LeConte) - Perilypus ornaticollis Placopterus thoracicus (Olivier) - Placopterus thoracicus   unknown clerid - Priocera castanea Checkered Beetle - Thanasimus dubius
Aulicus apachei Barr & Foster - Aulicus apachei On Pigweed - Aulicus femoralis  Aulicus Aulicus monticola Aulicus dentipes Schaeffer - Aulicus dentipes Enoclerus analis (LeConte) - Enoclerus analis Enoclerus ? - Enoclerus nigripes Enoclerus rosmarus (Say) - Enoclerus rosmarus Cleridae - Enoclerus coccineus Enoclerus vetus Wolcott - Enoclerus vetus BG3040 E8759 - Enoclerus ichneumoneus 
Cleridae - ? - Enoclerus cordifer Enoclerus laetus (Klug) ssp. abruptus (LeConte) - Enoclerus laetus=Enoclerus laetus (Klug) ssp. abruptus (LeConte) - Enoclerus laetus=Enoclerus laetus complex - Enoclerus laetus Enoclerus quadrisignatus (Say) - Enoclerus quadrisignatus
Enoclerus opifex (Gorham) - Enoclerus opifex Enoclerus spinolae (Leconte) - Enoclerus spinolae Enoclerus viduus (Klug) - Enoclerus viduus Enoclerus lecontei Wolcott - Enoclerus lecontei Enoclerus moestus (Klug) - Enoclerus moestus
Trichodes simulator Horn - Trichodes simulator Trichodes bibalteatus LeConte - Trichodes bibalteatus Trichodes bicinctus Green - Trichodes bicinctus Trichodes oresterus Wolcott - Trichodes oresterus Checkered beetle from Banff 10.07.09 - Trichodes ornatus=Checkered beetle from Yellowstone 10.07.07 - Trichodes ornatus=Ornate Checkered Beetle - Trichodes ornatus Beautiful Colors - Trichodes apivorus  

Subfamily Epiphloeinae

Madoniella dislocatus (Say) - Madoniella dislocatus Madoniella rectangularis Opitz - Madoniella rectangularis Pyticeroides laticornis (Say) - Pyticeroides laticornis=Pyticeroides laticornis (Say) - Pyticeroides laticornis

Subfamily Enopliinae

Pelonium leucophaeum (Klug) - Pelonium leucophaeum Pelonium maculicolle Schaeffer - Pelonium maculicolle Cregya quadrinotata (Chevrolat) - Cregya quadrinotata Cregya mixta Cregya oculata Pelonides granulatipennis (Schaeffer)  - Pelonides granulatipennis=Pelonides granulatipennis (Schaeffer) - Pelonides granulatipennis - male=Pelonides granulatipennis (Schaeffer)  - Pelonides granulatipennis - female - Pelonides granulatipennis (Schaeffer)
Pelonides quadripunctata (Say) - Pelonides quadripunctata - male=BG2604 E4170 - Pelonides quadripunctata=Pelonides quadripunctata (Say) - Pelonides quadripunctata - female - Pelonides quadripunctata (Say)
Pelonides quadrinotata (Haldeman) - Pelonides quadrinotata - male=Pelonides quadrinotata (Haldeman) - Pelonides quadrinotata - female=Pelonides quadrinotata (Haldeman) - Pelonides quadrinotata - female - Pelonides quadrinotata (Haldeman)
Melyrid - Pelonides humeralis=Clerid? - Pelonides humeralis - Pelonides humeralis (Horn)

Subfamily Neorthopleurinae

Neorthopleura texana (Bland) - Neorthopleura texana=Neorthopleura texana (Bland) - Neorthopleura texana Coleoptera - Neorthopleura thoracica Lebasiella pallipes (Klug) - Lebasiella pallipes

Subfamily Peloniinae

Chariessa vestita (Chevrolat) - Chariessa vestita=Chariessa vestita (Chevrolat) - Chariessa vestita=Chariessa vestita (Chevrolat) - Chariessa vestita=Chariessa vestita (Chevrolat) - Chariessa vestita=south Texas Chariessa - Chariessa vestita=Blue Beetle on my cut crape myrtle branches - Chariessa vestita
Chariessa elegans Horn - Chariessa elegans - male Chariessa pilosa (Forster) - Chariessa pilosa - male=Chariessa pilosa (Forster) - Chariessa pilosa - female

Subfamily Tarsosteninae

Tarsostenus univittatus

Subfamily Korynetinae

another cow carcass beetle - Necrobia ruficollis Necrobia rufipes (De Geer)  - Necrobia rufipes Necrobia violacea (Linnaeus, 1758) - Necrobia violacea

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