Beetles of the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Coleoptera of Cameron County, Texas

Texas Beetle Information

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List items: 68 families, 

551 genera, 

species/subspecies over 1000

List compiled by E. G. Riley, and H. R. Burke, Texas A&M University Insect Collection and is based on knowledge gained from their combined careers of beetle study in Texas and from a long-term project of combing through beetle literature and extracting published records.

The “Brownsville area” has been the focus of much entomology collecting since about 1900 and a great many beetles were originally described from there. Modern collecting has been fairly regular from the late 1970’s to the early 90’s, especially in the vicinity of the “Palm Grove” now operated by the Audubon Society. Although the collection of “hard data” is on-going, the LRGV probably has the greatest concentration of “special” beetle species per unit area for anywhere in Texas.

Family Aderidae  
Genus Aderus
Aderus brunnipennis (LeConte)
Aderus tantillus (Champion)
Genus Cnopus
Cnopus impressus (LeConte)
Genus Elonus
Elonus hesperus Werner
Genus Ganascus
Ganascus ventricosus (LeConte)
Genus Vanonus
Vanonus balteatus Werner
Genus Zonantes
Zonantes nubifer (LeConte)
Zonantes sp.

Family Anobiidae
Genus Calymmaderus
Calymmaderus nitidus (LeConte)
Calymmaderus similis (Fall)
Genus Cryptorama
Cryptorama sp.
Genus Niptinus
Niptinus unilineatus (Pic)
Genus Petalium
Petalium alaseriatum Ford
Petalium alternatum Ford
Petalium arizonense Fall
Petalium debile Fall
Petalium evolutum Ford
Petalium knulli Ford
Petalium seriatum Fall
Genus Ptinus
Ptinus tumidus Fall
Genus Stichtoptychus
Stichtoptychus agonus Fall
Genus Trichodesma
Trichodesma pulchella Schaeffer
Trichodesma texana Schaeffer
Genus Tricorynus
Tricorynus congruus (Fall)
Tricorynus fastigiatus (Fall)
Tricorynus gracilis (Fall)
Tricorynus lucidus White
Tricorynus pinguis (Fall)
Tricorynus similis (LeConte)
Tricorynus tabaci (Guérin-Méneville)
Tricorynus texanus White

Family Anthicidae
Genus Acanthinus
Acanthinus clavicornis (Champion)
Acanthinus dromedarius (LaFerté-Sénectère)
Acanthinus scitulus (LeConte)
Acanthinus spinicollis (LaFerté-Sénectère)
Genus Anthicus
Anthicus dilaticollis Champion
Genus Ischyropalpus
Ischyropalpus obscurus LaFerté-Sénectère
Ischyropalpus occidentalis (Champion)
Ischyropalpus subtilissimus (Pic)
Genus Stricticornis
Stricticornis tobias (Marseul)
Genus Thicanus
Thicanus texanus LaFerté-Sénectère
Genus Vacusus
Vacusus confinus (LeConte)
Vacusus vicinus (LaFerté-Sénectère)

Family Anthribidae
Genus Araecerus
Araecerus coffeae (Fabricius)
Genus Araeoderes
Araeoderes texanus Schaeffer
Genus Brachycorynus
Brachycorynus hirsutus Valentine
Genus Discotenes
Discotenes nigrotuberculata (Schaeffer)
Genus Euparius
Euparius marmoreus (Olivier)
Euparius paganus Gyllenhal
Genus Eusphyrus
Eusphyrus rectus Schaeffer
Genus Goniocloeus
Goniocloeus bimaculatus (Olivier)
Genus Ischnocerus
Ischnocerus infuscatus Fåhraeus
Genus Neoxenus
Neoxenus versicolor Valentine
Genus Ormiscus
Ormiscus albofasciatus (Schaeffer)
Ormiscus irroratus (Schaeffer)
Ormiscus sextuberculatus (Schaeffer)
Ormiscus submetallicus (Schaeffer)
Genus Phoenicobiella
Phoenicobiella schwarzi (Schaeffer)
Genus Piesocorynus
Piesocorynus mixtus LeConte
Genus Toxonotus
Toxonotus bipunctatus (Schaeffer)
Toxonotus cornutus (Say)
Toxonotus penicellatus (Schaeffer)
Genus Trigonorhinus
Trigonorhinus alternatus (Say)
Trigonorhinus sp.
Trigonorhinus sticticus (Boheman)

Family Attelabidae
Genus Haplorhynchites
Haplorhynchites pseudomexicanus Hamilton
Haplorhynchites quadripennis (Fall)
Haplorhynchites sp.
Genus Pselaphorhynchites
Pselaphorhynchites sp.

Family Bostrichidae
Genus Amphicerus
Amphicerus (Amphicerus) cornutus (Pallas)
Genus Apatides
Apatides fortis (LeConte)
Genus Dendrobiella
Dendrobiella sericans (LeConte)
Genus Lichenophanes
Lichenophanes bicornis (Weber)
Genus Melalgus
Melalgus plicatus (LeConte)
Genus Micrapate
Micrapate dinoderoides (Horn)
Genus Prostephanus
Prostephanus truncatus (Horn)
Genus Rhyzopertha
Rhyzopertha dominica (Fabricius)
Genus Xylobiops
Xylobiops basilaris (Say)
Xylobiops parilis Lesne
Xylobiops sextuberculatus (LeConte)
Xylobiops texanus (Horn)
Genus Xylomeira
Xylomeira torquata (Fabricius)
Xylomeira tridens (Fabricius)

Family Bothrideridae
Genus Bothrideres
Bothrideres geminatus (Say)
Genus Lithophorus
Lithophorus ornatus Arrow

Family Brachypteridae
Genus Boreades
Boreades abdominalis (Erichson)
Genus Brachypterus
Brachypterus schaefferi Grouvelle

Family Brentidae
Genus Apion
Apion (Coelocephalapion) aculeatum Fall
Apion (Pseudapion) amaurum Kissinger
Apion (Coelocephalapion) buchanani Kissinger
Apion (Coelocephalapion) curticorne Fall
Apion (Coelocephalapion) fumitarse Fall
Apion (Fallapion) occidentale Fall
Apion (Coelocephalapion) persimile Fall
Apion sp.
Apion (Coelocephalapion) subornatum Fall
Apion (Trichapion) subtinctum Fall
Apion (Fallapion) texanum Smith
Apion (Ixias) xanthoxyli Fall
Genus Cylas
Cylas formicarius (Fabricius)

Family Buprestidae
Genus Acmaeodera (17 species recorded from Starr Co., Vogt, 1949)
Acmaeodera flavinigrapunctata Knull
Acmaeodera flavomarginata (Gray)
Acmaeodera gibbula LeConte
Acmaeodera macra Horn
Acmaeodera miliaris Horn
Acmaeodera neoneglecta Fisher
Acmaeodera obtusa Horn
Acmaeodera opuntiae Knull
Acmaeodera pulchella (Herbst)
Acmaeodera quadrivittata Horn
Acmaeodera quadrivittatoides Nelson & Westcotte
Acmaeodera rubronotata Laporte
Acmaeodera scalaris Mannerheim
Acmaeodera starrae Knull
Acmaeodera thoracata Knull
Acmaeodera tildenorum Nelson & Westcott
Acmaeodera uvaldensis Knull
Genus Actenodes
Actenodes calcarata (Chevrolat)
Actenodes flexicaulis Schaeffer
Actenodes mendax Horn
Genus Agrilus
Agrilus acaciae Fisher
Agrilus addendus Crotch
Agrilus concinnus Horn
Agrilus cupreonitens Fisher
Agrilus dolli Schaeffer
Agrilus egeniformis Champlain & Knull
Agrilus esperanzae Knull
Agrilus lacustris LeConte
Agrilus lecontei celticola Fisher
Agrilus macer LeConte
Agrilus muticus LeConte
Agrilus neoprosopidis Knull
Agrilus oblongus Fisher
Agrilus ornatulus Horn
Agrilus prosopidis Fisher
Agrilus pulchellus Bland
Agrilus subtropicus Schaeffer
Agrilus toxotes Obenberger
Agrilus viridescens Knull
Genus Aphanisticus
Aphanisticus cochinchinae seminulum Obenberger
Genus Chrysobothris
Chrysobothris acuminata LeConte
Chrysobothris acutipennis Chevrolat
Chrysobothris analis LeConte
Chrysobothris basalis LeConte
Chrysobothris femorata (Olivier)
Chrysobothris merkelii Horn
Chrysobothris octocola LeConte
Chrysobothris prosopidis Fischer
Chrysobothris purpureovittata purpureovittata Horn
Genus Dicerca
Dicerca lurida (Fabricius)
Genus Hippomelas
Hippomelas (Hippomelas) sphenica (LeConte)
Genus Lampetis
Lampetis (Lampetis) cupreopunctata (Schaeffer)
Lampetis (Lampetis) drummondi (Laporte & Gory)
Genus Pachyschelus
Pachyschelus fisheri Vogt
Genus Paragrilus
Paragrilus exiguus (Chevrolat)
Paragrilus rugatulus Thomson
Genus Paratyndaris
Paratyndaris chamaeleonis (Skinner)
Paratyndaris prosopis (Skinner)
Genus Spectralia
Spectralia prosternalis (Schaeffer)
Genus Taphrocerus
Taphrocerus agriloides Crotch
Taphrocerus albodistinctus Knull
Taphrocerus howardi Obenberger
Taphrocerus schaefferi Nicolay & Weiss
Genus Trigonogya
Trigonogya reticulaticollis (Schaeffer)

Family Cantharidae
Genus Belotus
Belotus abdominalis (LeConte)
Genus Chauliognathus
Chauliognathus marginatus (Fabricius)
Genus Discodon
Discodon planicollis (LeConte)
Genus Tytthonyx
Tytthonyx ruficollis Schaeffer

Family Carabidae
Genus Agonum
Agonum punctiforme (Say)
Genus Agra
Agra oblongopunctata Chevrolat
Genus Amblygnathus
Amblygnathus irripennis (Say)
Amblygnathus mexicanus Bates
Amblygnathus subtinctus LeConte
Genus Anatrichis
Anatrichis oblonga Horn
Genus Apenes
Apenes lunulatus Chaudoir
Apenes sp.
Genus Aspidoglossa
Aspidoglossa subangulata (Chaudoir)
Genus Athrostictus
Athrostictus punctulatus Putzeys
Genus Aztecarpalus
Aztecarpalus schaefferi Ball
Genus Badister
Badister elegans LeConte
Badister transversus Casey
Genus Bembidion
Bembidion impotens Casey
Bembidion viridicolle (LaFerté-Sénectère)
Genus Brachinus
Brachinus (Neobrachinus) aabaaba Erwin
Brachinus (Neobrachinus) adustipennis Erwin
Brachinus (Neobrachinus) alternans Dejean
Brachinus (Neobrachinus) fumans (Fabricius)
Brachinus (Neobrachinus) geniculatus Dejean
Brachinus (Neobrachinus) imperialensis Erwin
Brachinus (Neobrachinus) kavanaughi Erwin
Brachinus (Neobrachinus) medius Harris
Brachinus (Neobrachinus) puberulus Chaudoir
Brachinus (Neobrachinus) quadripennis Dejean
Brachinus (Neobrachinus) texanus Chaudoir
Genus Bradycellus
Bradycellus neglectus LeConte
Bradycellus sp.
Genus Calleida
Calleida (Calleida) decora (Fabricius)
Calleida (Calleida) fimbriata Bates
Calleida (Calleida) planulata LeConte
Calleida (Calleida) punctulata Chaudoir
Genus Calosoma
Calosoma (Camegonia) marginale Casey
Calosoma (Calodrepa) sayi (Dejean)
Genus Calybe
Calybe sallei (Chevrolat)
Genus Chlaenius
Chlaenius (Chlaeniellus) circumcinctus Say
Chlaenius (Chlaeniellus) flaccidus Horn
Chlaenius (Chlaeniellus) texanus Horn
Genus Cicindela
Cicindela (Habroscelimorpha) circumpicta circumpicta LaFerté-Sénectère
Cicindela (Habroscelimorpha) dorsalis media LeConte
Cicindela (Habroscelimorpha) dorsalis venusta LaFerté-Sénectère
Cicindela (Ellipsoptera) hamata monti Vaurie
Cicindela (Cicindelidia) nigrocoerulea subtropica Vogt
Cicindela (Habroscelimorpha) pamphila LeConte
Cicindela (Cicindelidia) schauppii G. Horn
Cicindela (Habroscelimorpha) severa severa LaFerté-Sénectère
Cicindela sp.
Cicindela (Eunota) togata togata LaFerté-Sénectère
Cicindela (Cicindelidia) trifasciata ascendens LeConte
Genus Clivina
Clivina (Semiclivina) dentipes Dejean
Clivina (Paraclivina) ferrea LeConte
Clivina (Clivina) impressifrons LeConte
Genus Cymindis
Cymindis planicollis amplicata Casey
Genus Dicaelus
Dicaelus purpuratus purpuratus Bonelli
Genus Diplochaetus
Diplochaetus lecontei (Horn)
Genus Discoderus
Discoderus impotens (LeConte)
Genus Elaphropus
Elaphropus sp.
Genus Euproctinus
Euproctinus (Neoeuproctus) abjectus (Bates)
Genus Galerita
Galerita aequinoctialis Chaudoir
Genus Harpalus
Harpalus (Pharalus) gravis LeConte
Genus Helluomorphoides
Helluomorphoides clairvillei (Dejean)
Helluomorphoides texanus (LeConte)
Genus Hyboptera
Hyboptera dilutior Oberthru
Genus Lebia
Lebia (Lebia) analis Dejean
Lebia (Lebia) bitaeniata Chevrolat
Lebia (Lebia) bumeliae Schaeffer
Lebia (Lebia) esurialis Casey
Lebia (Loxopeza) grandis Hentz
Lebia (Lebia) marginicollis Dejean
Lebia (Lebia) pulchella Dejean
Lebia (Lebia) rufopleura Schaeffer
Lebia (Lebia) viridipennis Dejean
Genus Loxandrus
Loxandrus celeris Dejean
Loxandrus infimus Bates
Loxandrus parvitubus Allen
Loxandrus scutptilis Bates
Genus Megacephala
Megacephala (Tetracha) carolina carolina (Linnaeus)
Genus Micratopus
Micratopus aenescens LeConte
Genus Nemotarsus
Nemotarsus rhombifer Bates
Genus Notiobia
Notiobia (Anisotarsus) terminata (Say)
Genus Omophron
Omophron americanum Dejean
Omophron nitidum LeConte
Genus Onota
Onota angulicollis Reiche
Genus Paratachys
Paratachys sp.
Genus Poecilus
Poecilus chalcites (Say)
Genus Pogonodaptus
Pogonodaptus mexicanus (Bates)
Genus Pogonus
Pogonus texanus Chaudoir
Genus Selenophorus
Selenophorus (Selenophorus) fatuus (LeConte)
Selenophorus (Gymandropus) mexicanus Putzeys
Selenophorus (Selenophorus) opalinus (LeConte)
Selenophorus (Selenophorus) palliatus (Fabricius)
Selenophorus (Selenophorus) pedicularis Dejean
Selenophorus perpolitus Casey
Selenophorus (Gynandropus) sp.
Selenophorus striatopunctatus Putzeys
Genus Stenocrepis
Stenocrepis cuprea (Chaudoir)
Stenocrepis duodecimstriata (Chevrolat)
Genus Stenolophus
Stenolophus (Stenolophus) dissimilis Dejean
Stenolophus (Stenolophus) ochropezus (Say)
Genus Stenomorphus
Stenomorphus californicus rufipes LeConte
Genus Tachys
Tachys sp.
Genus Tecnophilus
Tecnophilus pilatei Chaudoir
Genus Thalpius
Thalpius horni Chaudoir
Genus Zuphium
Zuphium americanum Dejean

Family Cerambycidae
Genus Achryson
Achryson surinamum (Linnaeus)
Genus Ancylocera
Ancylocera bicolor (Olivier)
Genus Anelaphus
Anelaphus debilis (LeConte)
Anelaphus inermis (Newman)
Anelaphus moestus moestus (LeConte)
Anelaphus niveivestitus (Schaeffer)
Anelaphus pumilus (Newman)
Anelaphus spurcus (LeConte)
Genus Astylidius
Astylidius parvus (LeConte)
Genus Ataxia
Ataxia crypta (Say)
Ataxia tibialis Schaeffer
Genus Batyle
Batyle suturalis cylindrella Casey
Genus Cacostola
Cacostola lineata (Hamilton)
Cacostola salicicola (Linsley)
Genus Callipogonius
Callipogonius cornutus (Linsley)
Genus Callona
Callona rimosa (Buquet)
Genus Cathetopteron
Cathetopteron amoena Hamilton
Genus Crossidius Crossidius humeralis quadrivittatus Crossidius suturalis melanipennis Genus Cyphonotida Cyphonotida laevicollis laevicollis (Bates) Genus Dectes Dectes texanus LeConte Genus Desmiphora Desmiphora aegrota Bates Desmiphora hirticollis (Olivier) Genus Dorcasta Dorcasta cinerea (Horn) Genus Eburia
Eburia mutica LeConte
Eburia ovicollis LeConte
Eburia stigmatica Chevrolat
Genus Ecyrus
Ecyrus arcuatus Gahan
Ecyrus penicillatus Bates
Genus Elaphidion
Elaphidion mimeticum Schaeffer
Genus Enaphalodes
Enaphalodes taeniatus (LeConte)
Genus Euderces
Euderces reichei LeConte
Genus Eupogonius
Eupogonius pauper LeConte
Genus Geropa
Geropa concolor (LeConte)
Genus Gnaphalodes
Gnaphalodes trachyderoides Thomson
Genus Hemierana
Hemierana suturalis (Linell)
Genus Hippopsis
Hippopsis lemniscata (Fabricius)
Genus Hypexilis
Hypexilis pallida Horn
Genus Knulliana
Knulliana cincta cincta (Drury)
Genus Leptostylus
Leptostylus cretatellus Bates
Genus Lepturges
Lepturges angulatus (LeConte)
Lepturges infilatus Bates
Genus Liopinus
Liopinus mimeticus (Casey)
Liopinus wiltii (Horn)
Genus Lissonotus
Lissonotus flavocinctus puncticollis Bates
Genus Lochmaeocles
Lochmaeocles cornuticeps cornuticeps Schaeffer
Genus Lophalia
Lophalia cyanicollis (Dupont)
Genus Malacopterus
Malacopterus tenellus (Fabricius)
Genus Moneilema
	 Moneilema blapsides ulkei Horn
    Genus Monochamus  
Monochamus titillator (Fabricius)
Genus Nathriobrium
Nathriobrium methioides Hovore
Genus Neoclytus
Neoclytus abbreviatus Schaeffer
Neoclytus acuminatus hesperus Linsley
Genus Neocompsa
Neocompsa exclamationis (Thomson)
Neocompsa mexicana (Thomson)
Genus Nyssodrysina
Nyssodrysina haldemani (LeConte)
Genus Obrium
Obrium maculatum (Olivier)
Obrium mozinnae Linell
Genus Oncideres
Oncideres cingulata texana Horn
	 Oncideres pustulata LeConte
    Genus Parmenonta  
         Parmenonta wickhami Schaeffer  
    Genus Pentanodes  
         Pentanodes dietzii Schaeffer  
    Genus Piezocera  
         Piezocera serraticollis Linell  
    Genus Placosternus  
         Placosternus difficilis (Chevrolat)  
Placosternus erythropus (Chevrolat)
Genus Plinthocoelium
Plinthocoelium schwarzi (Fisher)
Genus Psyrassa
Psyrassa brevicornis Linsley
Psyrassa texana Schaeffer
Genus Rhopalophora
Rhopalophora angustata Schaeffer
Rhopalophora cupricollis Guérin-Méneville
Rhopalophora longipes (Say)
Rhopalophora rugicollis rugicollis (LeConte)
    Genus Smodicum  
Smodicum texanum Knull
Genus Sphaenothecus
	 Sphaenothecus [=Taranomis] bivittata Dupont 
    Genus Stenaspis  
Stenaspis verticalis insignis (Casey)
Genus Stenodontes
Stenodontes (Orthomallodon) dasytomus (Say)
Genus Stenosphenus
Stenosphenus dolosus Horn
Stenosphenus lugens LeConte
Genus Tetraopes
Tetraopes discoideus
Tetraopes texanus
Tetraopes thermophilus
Genus Tetranodus
Tetranodus niveicollis Linell
Genus Thryallis
Thryallis undatus (Chevrolat)
Genus Trachyderes
Trachyderes mandibularis Audinet-Serville
Genus Tylosis
Tylosis oculatus LeConte
Genus Urgleptes
Urgleptes celtis (Schaeffer)

Family Ceratocanthidae
Genus Germarostes
Germarostes aphodioides (Illiger)

Family Chrysomelidae
Genus Abutiloneus
Abutiloneus idoneus Bridwell
Genus Acalymma
Acalymma peregrinum (Jacoby)
Genus Acanthoscelides
Acanthoscelides desmanthi Johnson
Acanthoscelides macrophthalmus (Schaeffer)
Acanthoscelides quadridentatus (Schaeffer)
Genus Algarobius
Algarobius bottimeri Kingsolver
Algarobius prosopis (LeConte)
Genus Altica
Altica texana Schaeffer
Genus Anisostena
Anisostena (Anisostena) gracilis (Horn)
Genus Anomoea
Anomoea rufifrons mutabilis (Lacordaire)
Genus Asphaera
Asphaera lustrans (Crotch)
Genus Babia
Babia (Archaebabia) tetraspilota texana Schaeffer
Genus Baliosus
Baliosus sp.
Genus Brachycoryna
Brachycoryna pumila Guérin-Méneville
Genus Brachypnoea
Brachypnoea rotundicollis (Schaeffer)
Genus Brucita
Brucita marmorata (Jacoby)
Genus Caryobruchus
Caryobruchus gleditsiae (Johansson & Linnaeus)
Genus Cerotoma
Cerotoma ruficornis (Olivier)
Genus Chaetocnema
Chaetocnema confinis Crotch
Chaetocnema pulicaria Melsheimer
Chaetocnema sp.
Genus Charidotella
Charidotella (Charidotella) sexpunctata sexpunctata (Fabricius)
Genus Chlamisus
Chlamisus maculipes (Chevrolat)
Chlamisus texanus (Schaeffer)
Genus Chrysomela
Chrysomela (Microdera) texana (Schaeffer)
Genus Colaspis
Colaspis planicostata Blake
Genus Coleorozena
Coleorozena pilatei pilatei (Lacordaire)
Genus Coptocycla
Coptocycla (Psalidonota) texana (Schaeffer)
Genus Crepidodera
Crepidodera nana (Say)
Genus Cryptocephalus
Cryptocephalus brunneovittatus Schaeffer
Cryptocephalus cribripennis LeConte
Cryptocephalus duryi Schaeffer
Cryptocephalus fulguratus LeConte
Cryptocephalus guttulatellus Schaeffer
Cryptocephalus trizonatus Suffrian
Genus Cyclotrypema
Cyclotrypema furcata (Olivier)
Genus Deloyala
Deloyala extensa (Boheman)
Genus Derospidea
Derospidea ornata (Schaeffer)
Genus Diabrotica
Diabrotica balteata LeConte
Diabrotica barberi Smith & Lawrence
Diabrotica longicornis (Say)
Diabrotica tibialis Jacoby
Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi Barber
Genus Diachus
Diachus auratus (Fabricius)
Diachus chlorizans (Suffrian)
Genus Disonycha
Disonycha barberi Blake
Disonycha glabrata (Fabricius)
Disonycha leptolineata texana Schaeffer
Disonycha pluriligata (LeConte)
Disonycha stenosticha Schaeffer
Genus Epitrix
Epitrix fasciata Blatchley
Epitrix sp.
Genus Exema
Exema dispar Lacordaire
Genus Fidia
Fidia clematis Schaeffer
Genus Glyptina
Glyptina sp.
Genus Griburius
Griburius lecontii Crotch
Griburius sp.
Genus Kuschelina
Kuschelina gibbitarsa (Say)
Kuschelina laeta (Perbosc)
Kuschelina petaurista (Fabricius)
Genus Labidomera
Labidomera clivicollis (Kirby)
Genus Lema
Lema (Quasilema) trivittata (Say)
Genus Leptinotarsa
Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say)
Leptinotarsa texana Schaeffer
Genus Longitarsus
Longitarsus sp.
Longitarsus suspectus Blatchley
Genus Malacorhinus
Malacorhinus acaciae (Schaeffer)
Genus Mantura
Mantura floridana Crotch
Genus Megacerus
Megacerus (Pachybruchus) leucospilus (Sharp)
Genus Megascelis
Megascelis texana Linell
Genus Merobruchus
Merobruchus major (Fall)
Merobruchus placidus (Horn)
Genus Metachroma
Metachroma ustum LeConte
Genus Metaparia
Metaparia sp.
Genus Microctenochira
Microctenochira bonvouloiri (Boheman)
Genus Mimosestes
Mimosestes amicus (Horn)
Mimosestes nubigens (Motschulsky)
Genus Monoxia
Monoxia sordida (LeConte)
Genus Myochrous
Myochrous magnus Schaeffer
Genus Neochlamisus
Neochlamisus bebbianae (Brown)
Neochlamisus gibbosus (Fabricius)
Genus Nesaecrepida
Nesaecrepida infuscata (Schaeffer)
Genus Octotoma
Octotoma championi Baly
Genus Omophoita
Omophoita cyanipennis octomaculata (Crotch)
Genus Ophraella
Ophraella communa LeSage
Genus Oulema
Oulema (Hapsidolemoides) palustris (Blatchley)
Oulema (Hapsidolemoides) variabilis R. White
Genus Pachybrachis
Pachybrachis brevicornis Fall
Pachybrachis diversus Fall
Pachybrachis duryi Fall
Pachybrachis laticollis Jacoby
Pachybrachis spumarius Suffrian
Pachybrachis texanus Bowditch
Genus Paranapiacaba
Paranapiacaba connexa (LeConte)
Genus Paria
Paria quadriguttata LeConte
Genus Parorectis
Parorectis callosa (Boheman)
Genus Pentispa
Pentispa distincta (Baly)
Pentispa melanura (Chapuis)
Genus Phyllotreta
Phyllotreta aeneicollis (Crotch)
Genus Physonota
Physonota (Physonota) alutacea Boheman
Genus Plagiodera
Plagiodera (Plagioschema) thymaloides Stål
Genus Rhabdopterus
Rhabdopterus praetextus (Say)
Rhabdopterus weisei (Schaeffer)
Genus Spintherophyta
Spintherophyta globosa (Olivier)
Genus Stator
Stator beali Johnson
Stator limbatus (Horn)
Genus Systena
Systena gracilenta Blake
Genus Triachus
Triachus sp.
Genus Trirhabda
Trirhabda bacharidis (Weber)
Genus Typophorus
Typophorus nigritus viridicyaneus (Crotch)
Genus Urodera
Urodera (Boreurodera) crucifera texana Schaeffer
Genus Zygogramma
Zygogramma (Zygospila) disrupta (Rogers)
Zygogramma (Zygospila) heterothecae Linell

Family Ciidae
Genus Ceracis
Ceracis minutus Dury
Ceracis punctulatus rubriculus Lawrence
Ceracis quadricornis Gorham
Ceracis schaefferi Dury
Ceracis thoracicornis (Ziegler)
Genus Cis
Cis creberrimus Mellié
Cis fuscipes Mellié
Cis krausi Dalla Torre
Cis sp.
Cis tristis Mellié
Genus Malacocis
Malacocis brevicollis (Casey)

Family Cleridae
Genus Cregya
Cregya quadrinotata (Chevrolat)
Genus Cymatodera
Cymatodera balteata balteata LeConte
Cymatodera sirpata Horn
Genus Enoclerus
Enoclerus quadrisignatus (Say)
Enoclerus vetus Wolcott
Genus Isohydnocera
Isohydnocera brunnea Chapin
Genus Lecontella
Lecontella brunnea (Spinola)
Genus Madoniella
Madoniella dislocatus (Say)
Genus Monophylla
Monophylla pallipes (Schaeffer)
Genus Neorthopleura
Neorthopleura texana (Bland)
Genus Pelonium
Pelonium maculicolle Schaeffer
Genus Perilypus
Perilypus ornaticollis (LeConte)
Genus Phyllobaenus
Phyllobaenus chapini (Wolcott)
Phyllobaenus knausii (Wickham)
Phyllobaenus lateralis Gorham
Phyllobaenus niveifascius (Schaeffer)
Genus Pyticara
Pyticara humeralis (Horn)

Family Coccinellidae
Genus Axion
Axion plagiatum (Olivier)
Genus Brachiacantha
Brachiacantha barberi Gordon
Brachiacantha decora Casey
Brachiacantha quadrillum LeConte
Brachiacantha sp.
Brachiacantha subfasciata Mulsant
Brachiacantha testudo Casey
Genus Cephaloscymnus
Cephaloscymnus occidentalis Horn
Cephaloscymnus sp.
Genus Chilocorus
Chilocorus cacti (Linnaeus)
Genus Coleomegilla
Coleomegilla maculata (Degeer)
Genus Cycloneda
Cycloneda sanguinea sanguinea (Linnaeus)
Genus Diomus
Diomus debilis (LeConte)
Diomus pseudotaedatus Gordon
Diomus terminatus (Say)
Diomus xanthaspis (Mulsant)
Genus Exochomus
Exochomus childreni guexi LeConte
Genus Harmonia
Harmonia axyridis (Pallas)
Genus Helesius
Helesius nubilans Casey
Genus Hyperaspis
Hyperaspis connectens (Thunberg)
Hyperaspis globula Casey
Hyperaspis imitator Gordon
Hyperaspis medialis Casey
Hyperaspis octonotata Casey
Hyperaspis pleuralis Casey
Hyperaspis pratensis LeConte
Hyperaspis rotunda Casey
Hyperaspis schaefferi Gordon
Hyperaspis trifurcata Schaeffer
Hyperaspis weisei Schaeffer
Hyperaspis wickhami Casey
Genus Microweisea
Microweisea minuta (Casey)
Genus Nephaspis
Nephaspis oculatus (Blatchley)
Genus Nephus
Nephus (Scymnobius) flavifrons (Melsheimer)
Nephus (Scymnobius) intrusus (Horn)
Genus Olla
Olla v-nigrum (Mulsant)
Genus Psyllobora
Psyllobora renifer Casey
Psyllobora sp.
Genus Scymnus
Scymnus (Pullus) brullei Mulsant
Scymnus (Pullus) caudalis LeConte
Scymnus (Pullus) cervicalis Mulsant
Scymnus (Pullus) creperus Mulsant
Scymnus (Pullus) loewii Mulsant
Scymnus (Pullus) louisianae J. Chapin
Scymnus (Pullus) socer LeConte
Genus Stethorus
Stethorus caseyi Gordon & Chapin
Genus Thalassa
Thalassa montezumae Mulsant
Genus Zagloba
Zagloba hystrix Casey

Family Colydiidae
Genus Bitoma
Bitoma gracilis Sharp
Bitoma sulcata (LeConte)
Bitoma vittata Schaeffer
Genus Eucicones
Eucicones marginalis Melsheimer
Genus Microsicus
Microsicus parvulus (Guérin-Méneville)
Genus Phloeonemus
Phloeonemus interruptus Reitter
Genus Synchita
Synchita fulginosa Melsheimer

Family Corylophidae
Genus Arthrolips
Arthrolips misellus (LeConte)
Genus Molamba
Molamba lepida (LeConte)
Genus Sericoderus
Sericoderus lateralis (Gyllenhal)

Family Cryptophagidae
Genus Ephistemus
Ephistemus sp.

Family Curculionidae
Genus Acamptus
Acamptus sp.
Genus Andranthobius
Andranthobius sp.
Genus Anthonomus
Anthonomus aeneolus Dietz
Anthonomus grandis Boheman
Anthonomus leucostictus Dietz
Anthonomus schwarzi Clark & Burke
Anthonomus testaceosquamosus Linell
Anthonomus unipustulatus Champion
Anthonomus xanthoxyli Linell
Genus Apteromechus
Apteromechus texanus Champion
Genus Auleutes
Auleutes tuberculatus Dietz
Genus Catapastinus
Catapastinus caseyi Champion
Genus Catapastus
Catapastus squamirostris Casey
Genus Caulophilus
Caulophilus oryzae (Gyllenhal)
Genus Centrinopus
Centrinopus helvinus Casey
Genus Chalcodermus
Chalcodermus vittatus Champion
Genus Chramesus
Chramesus hicoriae LeConte
Genus Cionopsis
Cionopsis maculata Burke
Genus Coccotrypes
Coccotrypes distinctus (Motschulsky)
Genus Colecerus
Colecerus marmoratus (Horn)
Genus Compsus
Compsus auricephalus (Say)
Genus Conotrachelus
Conotrachelus belfragei LeConte
Conotrachelus buchanani Schoof
Conotrachelus cameronensis Sleeper
Conotrachelus rubescens Schaeffer
Conotrachelus seniculus LeConte
Conotrachelus similis Boheman
Conotrachelus sp.
Conotrachelus texanus Schaeffer
Genus Cophes
Cophes fallax (LeConte)
Cophes longiusculus (Boheman)
Cophes texanus Sleeper
Genus Cylindrocopturus
Cylindrocopturus adspersus (LeConte)
Cylindrocopturus armatus Champion
Genus Epicaerus
Epicaerus mexicanus Boheman
Epicaerus texanus Casey
Genus Eudiagogus
Eudiagogus pulcher Fåhraeus
Genus Haplostethops
Haplostethops sp.
Genus Hypothenemus
Hypothenemus brunneus (Hopkins)
Hypothenemus erectus LeConte
Hypothenemus rotundicollis (Eichhoff)
Genus Laemosaccus
Laemosaccus texanus Champion
Genus Lechriops
Lechriops oculata (Say)
Genus Lissorhoptrus
Lissorhoptrus oryzophilus Kuschel
Genus Lixus
Lixus punctinasus LeConte
Genus Madarellus
Madarellus cuneatus Casey
Madarellus perditus Casey
Genus Myrmex
Myrmex texanus (Schaeffer)
Genus Notiodes
Notiodes setosus (LeConte)
Genus Notolomus
Notolomus sp.
Genus Pandeleteius
Pandeleteius longicollis Champion
Genus Pentarthrinus
Pentarthrinus sp.
Genus Phloeotribus
Phloeotribus texanus Schaeffer
Genus Platyomus
Platyomus flexicaulis (Schaeffer)
Genus Polydacrys
Polydacrys depressifrons Boheman
Genus Prosaldius
Prosaldius deplanatus (Casey)
Genus Pseudopentarthrum
Pseudopentarthrum robustum Casey
Genus Rhyssomatus
Rhyssomatus palmacollis (Say)
Rhyssomatus pruinosus (Boheman)
Genus Sibinia
Sibinia inermis (Casey)
Sibinia ochreosa Casey
Sibinia pallida (Schaeffer)
Genus Sitophilus
Sitophilus oryzae (Linnaeus)
Genus Smicronyx
Smicronyx albonotatus Anderson
Smicronyx amoenus (Say)
Smicronyx sordidus LeConte
Smicronyx sp.
Genus Tanymecus
Tanymecus confusus (Say)
Genus Thysanoes
Thysanoes texanus Blackman
Genus Trepobaris
Trepobaris sp.
Genus Tyloderma
Tyloderma subpubescens Casey
Genus Xyleborus
Xyleborus ferrugineus (Fabricius)
Xyleborus horridus Eichhoff
Genus Yuccaborus
Yuccaborus frontalis sharpi (Casey)

Family Dermestidae
Genus Cryptorhopalum
Cryptorhopalum reversum Casey
Cryptorhopalum triste (LeConte)
Genus Trogoderma
Trogoderma primum (Jayne)

Family Dryopidae
Genus Pelonomus
Pelonomus obscurus LeConte

Family Dytiscidae
Genus Copelatus
Copelatus debilis Sharp
Copelatus sp.
Genus Coptotomus
Coptotomus sp.
Genus Desmopachria
Desmopachria (Desmopachria) defloccata Young
Genus Hydaticus
Hydaticus sp.
Genus Hygrotus
Hygrotus sp.
Genus Laccophilus
Laccophilus fasciatus terminalis Sharp
Laccophilus proximus Say
Laccophilus quadrilineatus quadrilineatus Horn
Laccophilus vacaensis vacaensis Young
Laccophilus vacaensis Young
Genus Neobidessus
Neobidessus pulloides Young
Neobidessus sp.
Genus Thermonectus
Thermonectus sp.

Family Elateridae
Genus Alaus
Alaus lusciosus (Hope)
Genus Anchastus
Anchastus augusti (Candèze)
Anchastus bicolor LeConte
Anchastus rufus Candèze
Genus Conoderus
Conoderus aversus (LeConte)
Conoderus browni (Knull)
Conoderus vespertinus (Fabricius)
Genus Deilelater
Deilelater physoderus (Germar)
Genus Drapetes
Drapetes niger Bonvouloir
Drapetes quadripustulatus Bonvouloir
Genus Esthesopus
Esthesopus claricollis (Say)
Esthesopus parcus Horn
Esthesopus praeditus Horn
Genus Glyphonyx
Glyphonyx bimarginatus Schaeffer
Glyphonyx ferruginosus Schaeffer
Glyphonyx helix Smith & Balsbaugh
Glyphonyx testaceus (Melsheimer)
Genus Heteroderes
Heteroderes amplicollis (Gyllenhal)
Genus Horistonotus
Horistonotus simplex LeConte
Genus Megapenthes
Megapenthes nigriceps Schaeffer
Genus Melanotus
Melanotus lanceatus Quate & Thompson
Melanotus similis (Kirby)
Genus Neotrichophorus
Neotrichophorus texanus (LeConte)
Genus Physorhinus
Physorhinus fusculus Chevrolat
Genus Scaptolenus
Scaptolenus sp. Family Endomychidae
Genus Epipocus
Epipocus cinctus LeConte
Epipocus punctatus LeConte

Family Erotylidae
Genus Ischyrus
Ischyrus quadripunctatus graphicus Lacordaire
Genus Megalodacne
Megalodacne fasciata (Fabricius)
Genus Triplax
Triplax errans Boyle

Family Eucnemidae
Genus Deltometopus
Deltometopus amoenicornis (Say)
Genus Dromaeolus
Dromaeolus teres (Horn)
Genus Microrhagus
Microrhagus triangularis (Say)
Genus Nematodes
Nematodes atropos (Say)
Nematodes penetrans (LeConte)

Family Geotrupidae
Genus Bolbelasmus
Bolbelasmus minor (Linell)
Genus Bolbocerastes
Bolbocerastes serratus (LeConte)
Genus Bolbocerosoma
Bolbocerosoma pusillum Dawson & McColloch
Bolbocerosoma ritcheri Howden
Genus Eucanthus
Eucanthus lazarus (Fabricius)

Family Glaresidae
Genus Glaresis
Glaresis (Eoglaresis) inducta Horn

Family Haliplidae
Genus Haliplus
Haliplus sp.
Family Heteroceridae  
Genus Heterocerus
Heterocerus glicki (Pacheco)
Heterocerus gnatho LeConte
Heterocerus unicus Miller
Genus Tropicus
Tropicus pusillus (Say)

Family Histeridae
Genus Hister
Hister coenosus Erichson
Genus Teretriosoma
Teretriosoma chalybaeum Horn
Teretriosoma conigerum Lewis
Teretriosoma orbum (Lewis)
Teretriosoma sexuale Schaeffer

Family Hybosoridae
Genus Hybosorus
Hybosorus illigeri Reiche

Family Hydraenidae
Genus Gymnochthebius
Gymnochthebius fossatus (LeConte)
Gymnochthebius oppositus Perkins
Genus Hydraena
Hydraena pulsatrix Perkins
Genus Ochthebius
Ochthebius attritus LeConte
Ochthebius lineatus LeConte

Family Hydrophilidae
Genus Berosus
Berosus exiguus (Say)
Berosus infuscatus LeConte
Berosus metalliceps Sharp
Berosus peregrinus (Herbst)
Genus Cercyon
Cercyon praetextatus (Say)
Genus Enochrus
Enochrus hamiltoni (Horn)
Enochrus pygmaeus nebulosus (Say)
Genus Helobata
Helobata larvalis (Horn)
Genus Hydrochus
Hydrochus sp.
Genus Hydrophilus
Hydrophilus insularis Laporte
Hydrophilus triangularis Say
Genus Tropisternus
Tropisternus lateralis nimbatus (Say)
Tropisternus quadristriatus (Horn)
Tropisternus sp.
Tropisternus striolatus LeConte

Family Laemophloeidae
Genus Cryptolestes
Cryptolestes unicornis (Reitter)
Genus Laemophloeus
Laemophloeus terminalis Casey
Genus Metaxyphloeus
Metaxyphloeus texanus (Schaeffer)

Family Lampyridae
Genus Photinus
Photinus pyralis (Linnaeus)
Photinus sp.
Genus Photuris
Photuris sp.
Genus Pyractonema
Pyractonema sp. Genus Pyropyga Pyropyga minuta (LeConte) Family Languriidae
Genus Acropteroxys
Acropteroxys gracilis (Newman)
Genus Cryptophilus
Cryptophilus sp.
Genus Dasydactylus
Dasydactylus cnici Schaeffer
Genus Hapalips
Hapalips texanus Schaeffer
Genus Languria
Languria denticulata Schaeffer
Languria mozardi Latreille
Genus Loberus
Loberus ornatus Schaeffer
Genus Pharaxonotha
Pharaxonotha kirschii Reitter
Genus Toramus
Toramus sp.

Family Latridiidae
Genus Melanophthalma
Melanophthalma americana (Mannerheim)
Melanophthalma pumila (LeConte)
Melanophthalma sp.
Genus Metophthalmus
Metophthalmus rileyi Andrews

Family Limnichidae
Genus Eulimnichus
Eulimnichus ater (LeConte)
Genus Physemus
Physemus minutus LeConte
Genus Throscinus
Throscinus politus Casey
Throscinus schwarzi Schaeffer

Family Melandryidae
Genus Eustrophinus
Eustrophinus bicolor (Fabricius)
Genus Symphora
Symphora flavicollis (Haldeman)

Family Meloidae
Genus Epicauta
Epicauta (Macrobasis) albida (Say)
Epicauta (Epicauta) atrata (Fabricius)
Epicauta (Epicauta) brunnea Werner
Epicauta (Epicauta) callosa LeConte
Epicauta (Epicauta) ferruginea (Say)
Epicauta (Epicauta) fortis Werner
Epicauta (Macrobasis) immaculata (Say)
Epicauta (Epicauta) nigritarsis (LeConte)
Epicauta (Epicauta) obesa (Chevrolat)
Epicauta (Epicauta) occidentalis Werner
Epicauta (Epicauta) temexa Adams & Selander
Genus Gnathium
Gnathium minimum (Say)
Genus Lytta
Lytta (Paralytta) fulvipennis LeConte
Lytta (Paralytta) lecontei Heyden
Genus Nemognatha
Nemognatha (Meganemognatha) explanata Enns
Nemognatha (Meganemognatha) lurida lurida LeConte
Nemognatha (Nemognatha) piazata bicolor LeConte
Genus Pseudozonitis
Pseudozonitis labialis Enns
Pseudozonitis longicornis (Horn)
Genus Pyrota
Pyrota deceptiva Selander
Pyrota insulata (LeConte)
Pyrota invita Horn
Pyrota mylabrina Chevrolat
Pyrota tenuicostatis (Dugès)
Genus Zonitis
Zonitis (Parazonitis) perforata Casey

Family Melyridae
Genus Attalus
Attalus rufiventris Horn
Attalus scapularis Marshall
Attalus subtropicus Marshall
Genus Collops
Collops balteatus LeConte
Collops confluens LeConte
Genus Melyrodes
Melyrodes basalis (LeConte)
Melyrodes cribrata (LeConte)

Family Monotomidae
Genus Monotoma
Monotoma sp.

Family Mordellidae
Genus Hoshihananomia
Hoshihananomia octopunctata (Fabricius)
Genus Isotrilophus
Isotrilophus erraticus (Smith)
Genus Mordella
Mordella atrata Melsheimer
Mordella fuscocinerea Fall
Mordella melaena Germar
Mordella mexicana Champion
Genus Mordellistena
Mordellistena andreae ancilla LeConte
Mordellistena comata (LeConte)
Mordellistena lutea (Melsheimer)
Mordellistena pustulata (Melsheimer)
Mordellistena semiusta LeConte
Mordellistena trifasciata (Say)
Mordellistena vilis (LeConte)
Mordellistena wenzeli Liljeblad
Genus Paramordellaria
Paramordellaria carinata (Smith)

Family Mycetophagidae
Genus Berginus
Berginus sp.
Genus Litargus
Litargus sp.
Genus Typhaea
Typhaea stercorea (Linnaeus)

Family Mycteridae
Genus Hemipeplus
Hemipeplus chaos Thomas

Family Nitidulidae
Genus Amphicrossus
Amphicrossus ciliatus (Olivier)
Genus Camptodes
Camptodes gaumeri Sharp
Camptodes texanus Schaeffer
Genus Carpophilus
Carpophilus dimidiatus (Fabricius)
Carpophilus pallipennis (Say)
Carpophilus sp.
Genus Lobiopa
Lobiopa insularis (Laporte)
Genus Omosita
Omosita colon (Linnaeus)
Genus Stelidota
Stelidota strigosa (Gyllenhal)

Family Ochodaeidae
Genus Ochodaeus
Ochodaeus repandus Fall
Genus Parochodaeus
Parochodaeus biarmatus (LeConte)

Family Oedemeridae
Genus Hypasclera
Hypasclera dorsalis (Melsheimer)
Hypasclera pleuralis (LeConte)
Genus Oxacis
Oxacis bernadettae Arnett
Oxacis sericea Horn
Oxacis subfusca Horn
Oxacis trimaculata Champion
Oxacis trirossi Arnett
Genus Paroxacis
Paroxacis recendita (Arnett)

Family Passandridae
Genus Taphroscelidia
Taphroscelidia linearis (LeConte)

Family Phengodidae
Genus Cenophengus
Cenophengus pallidus Schaeffer
Cenophengus sp.
Genus Phengodes
Phengodes mexicanus Wittmer

Family Rhipiphoridae
Genus Macrosiagon
Macrosiagon sp.
Genus Trigonodera
Trigonodera schaefferi Rivnay

Family Salpingidae
Genus Dacoderus
Dacoderus sp.
Genus Polypria
Polypria cruxrufa Chevrolat

Family Scarabaeidae
Genus Anomala
Anomala flavipennis flavipennis Burmeister
Anomala flavipennis luteipennis LeConte
Anomala foraminosa Bates
Anomala insitiva Robinson
Anomala sp.
Genus Aphodius
Aphodius dentiger LeConte
Aphodius lividus (Olivier)
Aphodius nigritus (Fabricius)
Aphodius pseudolividus Balthasar
Aphodius rubeolus Palisot de Beauvois
Aphodius sallei Harold
Aphodius sp.
Aphodius stercorosus Melsheimer
Aphodius testaceiventris Fall
Genus Aphonus
Aphonus texanus Gill & Howden
Genus Ataenius
Ataenius cognatus (LeConte)
Ataenius figurator Harold
Ataenius gracilis (Melsheimer)
Ataenius inquisitus Horn
Ataenius picinus Harold
Ataenius platensis (Blanchard)
Ataenius pseudohirsutus Cartwright
Ataenius punctifrons Cartwright
Ataenius rugopygus Cartwright
Ataenius sp.
Ataenius spretulus (Haldeman)
Ataenius wenzelii Horn
Genus Ateuchus
Ateuchus sp.
Ateuchus texanus (Robinson)
Genus Canthon
Canthon (Canthon) cyanellus LeConte
Canthon (Canthon) imitator Brown
Canthon (Boreocanthon) lecontei Harold
Canthon (Canthon) pilularius (Linnaeus)
Canthon (Canthon) vigilans LeConte
Canthon (Glaphyrocanthon) viridis viridis (Palisot de Beauvois)
Genus Copris
Copris remotus remotus LeConte
Genus Coprophanaeus
Coprophanaeus pluto (Harold)
Genus Deltochilum
Deltochilum scabriusculum Bates
Genus Dichotomius
Dichotomius carolinus carolinus (Linnaeus)
Genus Diplotaxis
Diplotaxis beyeri Schaeffer
Diplotaxis brevisetosa Linell
Diplotaxis curvaticeps Fall
Diplotaxis maura Fall
Diplotaxis pubipes Schaeffer
Diplotaxis simplex Blanchard
Diplotaxis sp.
Diplotaxis thoracica Fall
Diplotaxis truncatula LeConte
Genus Euetheola
Euetheola humilis rugiceps (LeConte)
Genus Euoniticellus
Euoniticellus intermedius (Reiche)
Genus Euphoria
Euphoria sepulcralis nitens Casey
Genus Geopsammodius
Geopsammodius sp.
Genus Gymnetis
Gymnetis caseyi Antonie
Genus Malagoniella
Malagoniella astyanax yucateca (Harold)
Genus Megasoma
Megasoma vogti Cartwright
Genus Onthophagus
Onthophagus alluvius Howden & Cartwright
Onthophagus batesi Howden & Cartwright
Onthophagus gazella (Fabricius)
Onthophagus landolti texanus Schaeffer
Onthophagus oklahomensis Brown
Onthophagus schaefferi Howden & Cartwright
Onthophagus subtropicus Howden & Cartwright
Onthophagus tuberculifrons Harold
Genus Oxygrylius
Oxygrylius ruginasus (LeConte)
Genus Phanaeus
Phanaeus (Phanaeus) adonis Harold
Phanaeus (Phanaeus) difformis LeConte
Phanaeus (Phanaeus) triangularis texensis Edmonds
Genus Phileurus
Phileurus valgus (Linnaeus)
Genus Phyllophaga
Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) antennata (Smith)
Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) crinita (Burmeister)
Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) ignava (Horn)
Phyllophaga (Tostegoptera) lanceolata (Say)
Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) renodis Reinhard
Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) rubiginosa (LeConte)
Phyllophaga (Chlaenobia) sp.
Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) submucida (LeConte)
Phyllophaga (Listrochelus) texensis Saylor
Phyllophaga (Phyllophaga) torta (LeConte)
Phyllophaga (Phytalus) trichodes (Bates)
Phyllophaga (Chlaenobia) vexata vexata (Horn)
Phyllophaga (Chlaenobia) vexata (Horn)
Genus Polyphylla
Polyphylla hammondi LeConte
Genus Pseudocanthon
Pseudocanthon perplexus (LeConte)
Genus Strategus
Strategus aloeus (Linnaeus)
Genus Tomarus
Tomarus morio (LeConte)
Tomarus sallaei (Bates)

Family Scirtidae
Genus Ora
Ora texana Champion
Genus Scirtes
Scirtes orbiculatus (Fabricius)

Family Scraptiidae
Genus Diclidia
Diclidia laetula (LeConte)

Family Scydmaenidae
Genus Connophron
Connophron sp.

Family Silvanidae
Genus Ahasverus
Ahasverus advena (Waltl)
Ahasverus rectus (LeConte)
Genus Cathartus
Cathartus quadricollis (Guérin-Méneville)
Genus Nausibius
Nausibius repandus LeConte

Family Smicripidae
Genus Smicrips
Smicrips texanus (Casey)

Family Sphindidae
Genus Sphindus
Sphindus sp.

Family Staphylinidae
Genus Adinopsis
Adinopsis sp.
Genus Anotylus
Anotylus sp.
Genus Astenus
Astenus sp.
Genus Baeocera
Baeocera sp.
Baeocera texana Casey
Genus Belonuchus
Belonuchus ? moloquinus
Belonuchus rufipennis (Fabricius)
Genus Biocrypta
Biocrypta sp.
Genus Bledius
Bledius mandibularis Erichson
Genus Bryoporus
Bryoporus rufescens LeConte
Genus Carpelimus
Carpelimus sp.
Genus Coproporus
Coproporus sp.
Genus Ctenisodes
Ctenisodes cinderella (Casey)
Genus Cylindrarctus
Cylindrarctus crinifer Casey
Genus Dachnochilus
Dachnochilus sp.
Genus Euaesthetus
Euaesthetus sp.
Genus Homaeotarsus
Homaeotarsus despectum (LeConte)
Homaeotarsus pimerianum (LeConte)
Homaeotarsus sp.
Genus Lathrobium
Lathrobium sp.
Genus Lithocharis
Lithocharis sp.
Genus Lithocharodes
Lithocharodes sp.
Genus Lobrathium
Lobrathium dimidiatum (Say)
Lobrathium soror (Casey)
Lobrathium sp.
Genus Neobisnius
Neobisnius sp.
Genus Nisaxis
Nisaxis caudata Schaeffer
Genus Palaminus
Palaminus sp.
Genus Philonthus
Philonthus sp.
Genus Pinophilus
Pinophilus parcus LeConte
Pinophilus sp.
Genus Platyprosopus
Platyprosopus mexicanus Sharp
Genus Reichenbachia
Reichenbachia sp.
Genus Rhexius
Rhexius insculptus LeConte
Genus Scopaeus
Scopaeus sp.
Genus Sepedophilus
Sepedophilus sp.
Genus Stenus
Stenus sp.
Genus Sunius
Sunius debilicornis (Wollaston)
Genus Tachyporus
Tachyporus sp.

Family Tenebrionidae
Genus Adelina
Adelina bidens (Schaeffer)
Genus Adelonia
Adelonia sulcatulus (Champion)
Genus Anaedus
Anaedus sp.
Genus Apsida
Apsida belti Bates
Genus Armalia
Armalia texana (LeConte)
Genus Blapstinus
Blapstinus fortis LeConte
Blapstinus fuscus Casey
Blapstinus vestitus LeConte
Genus Eleodes
Eleodes carbonarius soror LeConte
Eleodes goryi Solier
Genus Glyptotus
Glyptotus cribratus LeConte
Genus Helops
Helops farctus LeConte
Helops perforatus Horn
Genus Hymenorus
Hymenorus dubius Fall
Hymenorus occidentalis Champion
Hymenorus prolixus Casey
Hymenorus sp.
Hymenorus tenuistriatus Fall
Hymenorus texensis Fall
Genus Hypogena
Hypogena tricornis (Laporte)
Genus Lobopoda
Lobopoda opacicollis Champion
Lobopoda punctulata (Melsheimer)
Lobopoda socia (LeConte)
Lobopoda subcuneatus Casey
Genus Lystronichus
Lystronichus piliferus Champion
Genus Opatrinus
Opatrinus aciculatus LeConte
Genus Paratenetus
Paratenetus punctatus Spinola
Genus Platydema
Platydema excavatum (Say)
Platydema micans Zimmermann
Platydema nigratum (Motschulsky)
Genus Rhipidandrus
Rhipidandrus sp.
Genus Rhypasma
Rhypasma sp.
Genus Sitophagus
Sitophagus hololeptoides (Laporte)
Genus Statira
Statira hirsuta Champion
Statira pulchella Mäklin
Genus Strongylium
Strongylium aulicum Mäklin
Strongylium hemistriatum Triplehorn & Spilman
Genus Talanus
Talanus langurinus (LeConte)
Talanus mecoscelis Triplehorn
Talanus stenochinus (LeConte)
Talanus subexareta Mäklin
Genus Ulus
Ulus elongatulus Casey
Genus Zophobas
Zophobas atrata (Fabricius)

Family Throscidae
Genus Aulonothroscus
Aulonothroscus detritus Blanchard
Aulonothroscus nodifrons Blanchard
Aulonothroscus rugosiceps Schaeffer
Genus Trixagus
Trixagus chevrolati (Bonvouloir)
Trixagus sp.

Family Trogidae
Genus Omorgus
Omorgus fuliginosus (Robinson)
Omorgus nodosus (Robinson)
Omorgus rubricans (Robinson)
Omorgus suberosus (Fabricius)
Genus Trox
Trox contractus Robinson
Trox sonorae LeConte
Trox sp.
Trox spinulosus Robinson

Family Trogossitidae
Genus Corticotomus
Corticotomus cylindricus (LeConte)
Genus Temnochila
Temnochila acuta LeConte
Genus Tenebroides
Tenebroides americanus (Kirby)

One of the first publications to treat the entomofauna of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

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