Texas Entomology
Compiled by Mike Quinn

Highlights of the Rio Grande Valley Entomofauna
Beetle Collecting
Blister Beetles

Buprestid Beetles

Clerid Beetles
Lady Beetles Leaf Beetles
Longhorn Beetles
More Beetle Resources Travis Co. Beetles

Butterfly and Moth
Black Witch - Owl Moth Checklists Monarchs More Lep Links
Papers Plants
Top Ten TX-Butterfly Listserv

True Bugs and Allies
Assassin Bugs
Cicadas Leaf-footed Bugs & Allies Plant Bugs
Planthoppers Seed Bugs & Allies Stink Bugs Treehoppers

Other Resources
Biodiversity Collecting - Techniques Databases Field Guides
Maps Orgs & Individuals Problem Inverts TX-Ento Listserv

27 Feb 2020 Mike Quinn - New Pages

Ed Riley @ Christmas Mountains - EntoBlitz 2015

A Texas Entomologist in west Texas

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